Fee Schedule,  Check list and Association Dues  11.24.08

Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C.

All plans must be submitted in triplicate and hand delivered to a member of the Architectural Review Committee.

All lots must have electricity paid in order to submit plans.

q       Three complete sets of plans.  These plans should include:

- North, South, East and West elevations to scale, showing

   building height from finish floor to top of parapet roof eave.

- Mechanical (Plumbing and Electrical)

- Roof Structural

- Foundation

q       Owner name, address and telephone number

q       Contractors name, address and telephone number

q       Certified site plan prepared by an architect or engineer registered with the city, showing dimension, set backs, site and street elevations, location and height of patio walls, location of water and septic tanks, trash receptacle and parking area.

q       All corners must be pinned and flagged in concrete by an engineer registered in Mexico.

q       Plans must be submitted in 1/4 inch = one foot or 1:50 scale

q       Refundable cleanup deposit = clean site up every Friday

q       Sites must include a Porta-John


For more information contact: 

Architectural Review Committee

 1- Brent Erekson                   602-721-2551

2- Jack Garrity

3- John Hall

4- Jim Sandoval


Appendix A: Design Review Checklist                                                                                               Revised 04/25/06

Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C.

 Fee Schedule for Payment of Association Dues and Construction Fees

 Association Dues:

Association Dues are assessed to provide services for the community of Playa Encanto for the fiscal year January 1 - December 31. At the general meeting held in November lots are assessed according to their usage. the dues for 2009 are: Vacant lots $125.00, homes $800.00 


 Construction Fees:

 Infrastructure Fee:                                                             Refundable Cleanup Deposit:

New Permits:                                                  Fee:                                              Trash Fee:

1-Home                                                           $3,000.00                                     $1,000.00

2-Guest Home                                                $1,500.00                                     $1,000.00

3-Garage 24' x 24'                                         $1,000.00                                     $1,000.00

4-Porch                                                           $500.00                                        $1,000.00

5-Block Wall                                                  $200.00                                        $1,000.00

6-Generator 10' x 5'                                       No fee                                          $1,000.00

7-Cistern                                                         No fee                                          $1,000.00

8-Major remodel                                             $1,500.00                                     $1,000.00


 Trash and Cleanup Deposit:

Deposit returnable upon completion of construction if site has been kept clean and trash has been regularly removed.  Due upon submission of plans to the Architectural Review Committee.

Appendix B: Fees                                                                                                                    Revised 11.24.08