In Case of a Medical Emergency…

A recent event out here at Playa Encanto reminded some of us that when anxiety levels are up and you’re dealing with a stressful situation, it can be difficult to know who and how to contact needed help during a medical emergency. The following should be printed and accessible in your house as a reference point.








Dr. Choy Choy is on Guillermo Prieto between Blvd. Sonora and Melchor Ocampo about 4 blocks off Benito Juarez. Call 011-52-638-383-2338 from the US.

 Emergency number 044-638-380-9285

 Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Medical Clinics

Where to go when in need of medical care in Rocky Point Mexico

If for any reason you are unable to get any help, you can dial the following emergency number 911.

  24-Hour Rocky Point Visitor’s Assistance program. She provides a variety of insurance needs locally, but is also bilingual and very well connected in town with various agencies that can help in medical and other issues you may have. She welcomes your call at any time and will even meet you in town to help facilitate anything needed with the support entities!

(638) 388-6624 in Mexico
(638) 386-9081

In Rocky Point there are several clinics that will provide you with emergency service. If you are unable to drive the best option is to take a taxi. Many hotels and resorts have their own taxi fleet, call the front desk and they will provide you with this service.

When you dial from your own U.S. phone you will first have to dial 01152 than the entire phone number. This will be an international phone call check your provider for rates. If you have a local land line or a local cell phone you will dial the phone number without the area code (638).

Either way, the most viable option to get there fast is to have someone other than person involved in the accident or emergency drive to the clinic or hospital.

 In the downtown area of Puerto Peñasco you can find San Jose Clinic it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. San Jose Clinic provides the following services; X-rays, ultrasounds, a delivery room, surgery, transportation to local hospitals and or hospitals to the United States.  San Jose Clinic provides is an onsite discount pharmacy should you need medication after your visit.

            Phone (638) 383 51 21 and (638) 383 15 21
            Blvd. Benito Juárez and Guillermo Prieto


 Another urgent care clinic open 24 hours is Santa Fe, they provide a full range of services and hospitalization if required. They do not have ambulance service.

            Phone (638) 383 24 47 and (638) 383 40 40
            Simón Morúa and corner with Guillermo Prieto


The Mexican Red Cross; they provide 24 hour emergency services as well as transportation.

           Phone (638) 383 22 66
Fremont #94  

Santa Maria Clinic offers visits only by appointment. They employ specialists in gynecology, pediatrics and general medicine. Their regular business hours are Monday thru Saturday

Phone (638) 383 24 40
Niños Héroes #37 /Simón Morúa and Aquiles Serdán


For all PENASCO PHONE NUMBERS (383-....) from the US dial (+ 52-638) first!

The Santa Fe Clinic (47 Morua Ave, Phone 383-2447) currently serves as Peñasco's prime emergency care facility in conjuction with the local Red Cross (94 Fremont Blvd, Phone 383-2266) with their major ambulance transport ability.

Depending on the patient's condition, the injured may be brought directly to the clinic by private vehicle.If Emergency Air Evacuation (AirEvac, Inc. Phone 95-880-321-9522) or Ambulance Transport (Ajo Ambulance, Inc Phone 520-387-5154/520-387-7621) is needed to the United States, arrangements will be made by the clinic.

What you will need before you transport to a medical clinic;

Patient info-including medications, history and diagnosis
Identification – passports – Very Important
Assign designated caretaker
Notify family
Notify insurance company