Only homes with pedestals in place will receive a house number. 

You must be current on your HOA fee and city taxes in order to receive a meter.

1.    Three copies of your paid current year city taxes.

2.    BEACH FRONT HOMES ONLY, Three copies of your paid Federal Zone Fees.

3.The utility fee is $10,000.00,  Cris will send you a Statement with payment information.

After Cris receives your utility payment, I will check with Terry to confirm the Service fees are paid and current.  Then I will email a Demand Sheet for you to fill out and return to me by email.  An Authorization Packet is presented to CFE which includes your Demand Sheet, a copy of your paid city tax, an official address and a signed and stamped Authorization letter from PENCA. The address is obtained on the second floor of the Municipal building, the same office as you obtain your building permit. 

Jack handles the placement of your pedestal after your plans are approved by the Architectural Committee.

Marilyn Hall