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There are two different inverter types as follows:

1.   Battery-less inverters like the Xantrex GT series or SMA Sunny Boy. These inverters are designed to operate with the electric utility in a co-generation mode and will not support any electrical loads when the utility service is disrupted.  

2.   Battery – Based inverters like the Xantrex (formerly Trace) SW series and the Outback FX or VFX models. These inverters are designed primarily for “stand alone” applications but are also ready for utility co-generation (sell back) as well. These inverters will provide power to AC loads even if the utility service has been disrupted.

 Although the SW inverters are all capable of selling power back to the utility, some of the early Trace SW models (pre version 4.1) are not U.L. 1741 compliant and therefore should not be programmed to sell power back to the utility for safety reasons. I have attached an addendum for the SW series so people can determine weather their inverter is U.L. 1741 compliant and make an informed decision as to compliance and utility interconnection. >click here<  Many of the earlier SW models can be brought into compliance via a firmware upgraded for less than $200.

The last thing (but most important) to note is every system is different and therefore wiring methods for connection to the utility service will be unique to the existing electrical generating equipment as well as the owners individual requirements. I.E: One person may want all of their electrical loads backed up by their battery based inverter systems, while others may only want designated “critical loads” supported during a utility outage. Some will want to keep their engine generators, etc, etc.



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The individual homeowners responsibility to connect the power from the meter box to their structure.

Ismael has recently completed numerous electrical installations in the neighborhood and you may see his completed work and speak to property owners if desired. Ismael's experinace in Playa Encanto exceeds 15 years


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