Fee Schedule,  Check list and Association Dues  

Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C.

All plans must be submitted in triplicate and hand delivered to a member of the Architectural Review Committee.

All lots must have electricity paid in order to submit plans.

q       Three complete sets of plans.  These plans should include:

- North, South, East and West elevations to scale, showing

 - Building height from finish floor to top of parapet roof eave.

- Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Architectural

- Structural 

- Foundation

q       Owner name, address and telephone number. Copy of property title or documents that suffice as proof of ownership.

q       Contractors name, address and telephone number, signature from responsible project director that includes professional license number

q       Certified site plan prepared by an architect or engineer registered with the city, showing dimension, set backs, site and street elevations, location and height of patio walls, location of water and septic tanks, trash receptacle and parking area.

q       All corners must be pinned and flagged in concrete by an engineer registered in Mexico.

q       Plans must be submitted in 1/4 inch = one foot or 1:50 scale

q       Refundable cleanup deposit = clean site up every Friday

q       Sites must include a Porta-John

Electrical Restrictions

Electricity in Mexico is either very cheap or very expensive depending on how much you consume. Pricing is done on a complex sliding scale that favors small users with low rates and substantial government subsidies. It penalizes heavy users with very high rates.

To obtain electricity in Playa Encanto from CFE (The Mexico Electric Company) we agreed to LIMIT our demand usage (100 amp service panels) by using propane (GAS) appliances for cooking, water heating and clothes drying.

GAS ranges and ovens

Gas water heaters

Gas Dryers

If you adhere to using GAS for cooking, water heating and clothes drying, your electric rates will be subsidized, and VERY LOW. If you donít, your bill could be as much as 8 times higher, and you will run the risk of exceeding the 100 amp service capacity and creating an outage or an electrical fire.  

 Mini-split air-conditioners / heat pumps

If you decide to air-condition your house, we suggest that you consider using mini-split systems in each room rather than a large central air-conditioner. This will save you money in electricity by only cooling the rooms you occupy and eliminate the cost of ductwork.

 Solar Grid-Tie

Prior to obtaining CFE electric service Playa Encanto was totally SOLAR. As part of the agreement with CFE we were allowed to retain our solar systems and if you would like, CFE will allow you to hook your solar system to the Grid and receive a one to one credit for the electricity you produce. 

 Electric rate explanation

Mexico  ís Electric Company, CFE has a winter and summer tiered rate structure that promotes conservation by charging you higher rates based on increased usage. In the summer there are four rates based on usage and three in the winter. 

 Summer rate tiers (2 month billing period)

Base charge                  0-50        KWH         58 pesos      

Basic ------                   51-600     KWH        .583 pesos per KWH

Intermediate                601-1500  KWH        .793 pesos per KWH

Intermediate High         1501-1999   KWH    .956 pesos per KWH

Excess                        >2000        KWH       3.402 pesos per KWH

 In the winter months the rates are higher than in the summer and the tiers are more restrictive.

 Winter rate tiers (2 month billing period)

Base charge                0-50       KWH       58 pesos      

Basic ------                 0-150     KWH       .793 pesos per KWH

Intermediate              151-400  KWH       .956 pesos per KWH

Excess                       > 400      KWH      3.402 pesos per KWH

 If you use Gas appliances for cooking, water heating and clothes drying you will most likely use less than 1000 KWH per month and can expect a bill of less than 1500 pesos a month. The majority of home owners who use gas for cooking, water heating and cloths drying and are here a good percentage of the time  have electric bills of $500 to $1000 pesos for a two month billing period. While similar homeowners who have all electric appliances and airconditioning can expect to pay $12000 to $18000 pesos for a two month billing period in the summer.


 Playa Encanto is a beautiful place, but it is also a corrosive environment.  We suggest that you use

Anodized aluminum or Vinyl windows.

Fiberglass or Wood exterior doors, not steal.

Aluminum garage doors.

Limit the amount of exposed wood. (Our termites are air borne and cannot be eliminated only controlled)  


For more information contact: 

Architectural Review Committee

Marvin Sexson    303-726-5247    
Dan Freeman    
602-321-8568 US
638-107-0725 MX



Appendix A: Design Review Checklist                                                                                               Revised 06.08.12

Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C.

 Fee Schedule for Payment of Association Dues and Construction Fees

 Association Dues:

Association Dues are assessed to provide services for the community of Playa Encanto for the fiscal year January 1 - December 31. At the general meeting held in November lots are assessed according to their usage. the dues for 2018 are: Vacant lots $125.00, homes $800.00 


 Construction Fees:

 Infrastructure Fee:                                                         Refundable Cleanup/Compliance Deposit 

New Permits:                           Fee:                                       Fee:

1-Home  $3,000.00  $1,000.00
2-Guest Home  $1,500.00  $1,000.00
3- Garage  $1,000.00  $1,000.00
4- Perimeter Wall  $   200.00  $1,000.00


 Trash and Cleanup Deposit:

Deposit returnable upon completion if site has been kept clean, trash regularly removed and project has been compliant with CC&Rís. Due upon submission of plans to the Architectural Review Committee.

Appendix B: Fees                                                                                                                    Revised 06.08.12 for clarification,   04.04.16 added  Suggestions and Hints page

                                                                         Revised New Permit Guidelines  3/2/2017