Meet your guards for Playa Encanto.

A little history and the shifts they work. Shifts do change every two weeks and can change for other reasons.

Emergency calls only, 011-52-1-(638) 384-2575

I'm Jose Antonio Romero (Tony), i'm married, I have 3 sons and 3 daughters, two of my sons don't live with me and this are Junior he's 23 years old, Esmeralda  22 years old, this two live in Texas. Jesus  is 13 years old, Vanessa  is 12 years old, Stephanie  is 4 years old, and Baby Tony is 9 months old. I been with Penca for 6 years.


This is Asencion Badilla (Chon), he's married and has 3 daughters, one is 30 years old, the other one is 25 years old, and the last one is 20 years old. He's been with Penca for 7 years.


And this is Juan Carlos González, he's married, has 1 daughter  that's 25 years old, 1 son 24 years old, and 1 other son that's 23. He's been with Penca for 7 years.


This is Leobardo Enriquez (Leo), He's married, and has 2 daughters, one is 4 years old, and the other one is 1 year and a half. He's been with Penca for 5 years. 


 Newest Guard, Juan Jacinto Palapa he's married, has one son, 7 years old.


 Erick Osvaldo Hale Esquivel, has been with us for 5 months, single, has a son, he's 4 years old.



Eduardo Sierra Ibarra,