Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A. C.




November 4, 2017

Wight-Chrys  Residence

252 Retorno de Las Orcas



President Al Ciasca, Jr. Called the meeting to order at 10:03 AM .  Members were counted with a quorum in attendance.


Board members present were Alfred Ciasca, Jr, President; Jack Francis Garrity, President-elect; Terry David Creech, Treasurer; Sharon Anne Hill, Secretary; Marilyn Ann Hall (sitting in for John William Hall), Vocal.


Absent Board members were John William Hall, Vocal; Michael Noel Colpitts, Vocal and Debra Lou Jackley, Vocal.


Minutes of the May 6, 2017 meeting were approved as written in a motion made by Maryann Appleton and seconded by Paula Garcia.





PENCA Treasurer, Terry David Creech stated that as of September 30, 2017 , PENCA assets totaled $106,498.38. As of September 30, 2017 , $198,328.51 has been collected in HOA Service fees and miscellaneous income, with expenditures of $159,234.78 leaving a net income of $39,093.73.




Terry David Creech reported that as of September 30, 2017 , National Bank had a balance of $147,821.04.


The treasurers report was approved and accepted with a motion by Wendell Holder and seconded by Maryann Appleton.





Terry David Creech stated that the annual service fees shall remain the same for 2018. The proposed budget based on September 30, 2017 shall reflect funds from 184 units at $800/each and 130 lots at $125/each.


A vote to establish $800 for units was unanimously approved.

A vote to establish $125 for lots was unanimously approved.


A motion to accept and approve the 2018 budget was made by Paula Garcia and seconded by Carol Johnson.





All board members are incumbent. No election was held.


With a motion by Carol Anne Ciasca and seconded by Sandra Bonebright, the Mexican Corporation meeting was adjourned at 10:20 AM .





Al Ciasca thanked Janice Wight and Alex Chrys for their gracious hospitality and use of their home for the meeting and potluck.

Al also thanked Tom Gilgum and Carol Johnson for supplying insect repellent to the guards every summer.




Jack Garrity stated that Rene is doing a really good job of keeping the roads graded and watering at night. Jack also thanked Al Ciasca, Jack Hall and Phil Canale for helping him oversee the road maintenance during the summer months.


Marilyn Hall stated that the electric is status quo. She explained that meters will have to be purchased as the demand requires and, as of now, we are using meters that we purchased in a group of 85.  After the purchased meters are placed on the lots of paid utility fee members, new meters will need to be purchased after negotiating the new demand fee.  The reason that meters are not put on empty lots is that they deteriorate and are vulnerable to damage, etc.  Once a meter is on your property you are responsible for its maintenance.


Al Ciasca said that, just like the pedestals, street signs and electric boxes are vulnerable to damage from cars.  Several signs have been knocked down and electric boxes damaged.  He also reminded people that when building new or remodeling to keep in mind that the use of high voltage appliances is not acceptable.  The more demand equals more money spent for all.





Al stated the guards are doing an excellent job, of, not only the guard services but with maintenance throughout the property.


Trash pick up on Monday and Fridays and Wednesdays, as needed, is working out very well. Again, he stressed that each home should have A TRASH CAN WITH AN ATTACHED LID!!!





Marv Sexson said that a room addition is nearly completed at the Holders.  A set of plans has been approved at Mz 21 Lot  22 for a new build, plans on Mz 21 lot 11 are in the preliminary stages. New garages at Mz 12 lot 39 and Mz 34 Lot 7  are near completion.  A new build at Mz 43 Lot 11 is almost done and a second floor addition at Mz 9 Lot 11 is complete.


Carol Johnson asked who is responsible for daily cleanup around construction sites and if contractors are allowed to park their work vehicles overnight in the subdivision.  Al answered  that, no,  construction vehicles are not allowed to park overnight and that the homeowner is responsible to keep his contractors in line about keeping their job sites clean. This is something he is stressing that the architectural committee convey to these homeowners and construction people.  Also, the HOA requires a $1000 deposit from the homeowner at the start of construction. This is an incentive to keep the area clean and to comply with the rules of construction in order to get their refund.







Marilyn Hall explained that the issue is basically status quo. Last winter, after several visits with the Mayors office and the Puerto Penasco legal department,  it was decreed that, yes, the road in an out of Estero Morua is public and we have the right to enter and park there.  However, this has not been implemented. It is planned to have another visit with the mayors office this winter and ask that this be enforced.







Marilyn  Hall reported that we are very close to acquiring the final paperwork. PENCA  has paid for the appraisal, the subdivision, the no mortgage certification and the taxes. Originally it was understood that we would be paying taxes on half the Manzana but instead we were required to pay taxes on the entire Manzana with a 40% discount. This amounted to $8394 for the back taxes.  All that is left to pay is the Notario and the transfer tax fees and we will receive a clear title on the property. The title will be under PENCA MEXICAN CORPORATION. Also, part of the negotiation is that Liz Perry will receive electrical power to her home in Playa Encanto. Marilyn explained that once the property is the HOAs  we will  ask Gary Padgett to draw up another master plan to present to the members at the next meeting.  Your ideas and input will be greatly appreciated. This will be a facility for all members to enjoy.


When asked about the Perry  Popovich lawsuit Marilyn explained that it is as it has always been,  that if you have NOT been  notified and are NOT on the list your property is not involved.




The old sticker program has been resurrected. Each paid member will receive two stickers which will allow them in and out privileges without being stopped and questioned. If there are multiple owners in one unit each couple will receive stickers as well. Visitors and renters will still have to stop at the guard shack and answer questions as to where they're going, whom they are visiting, and, if renters, they will be asked to supply information about who they are renting from and how they went about renting the property. Most complaints from members have been about uncontrolled renters. This will be effective in determining which rental properties (and who owns them) that are non-compliant.


ATVs and recreational vehicle stickers will be given out to paid members only. The stickers are numbered and documented. To bring in an ATV or any recreational vehicle, it will be required that you have one of the stickers. This is backed up by article 18 in the CCs and Rs.




PENCA head guard, Tony, explained that Zofemat asked Playa  Encanto to join a group of volunteers that clean the beaches in Puerto Penasco and Tony replied that we keep our own beach clean here. Between the homeowners and the guards the beaches are kept clean. 


Tony announced  that we have nine turtle nests on the beach at this time. He thought that one might be overdue but one is ready to hatch. The biologist from Mayan Palace , Senorita Cardenas, is pleased with how we are protecting the turtle nests by  fencing them off and keeping  the birds away. Please note that we are not allowed to touch the turtles and help them in any way to get to the ocean. That is a trip they have to make on their own.





A big THANK YOU to Al Ciasca for his years of service to the PENCA  board as President and a WELCOME to Jack Garrity as the new President.




A Motion to adjourn was made by Nick Appleton and seconded by Paula Garcia. Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM .