General Meeting Minutes


April, 21, 2018



President Jack Garrity called the meeting to order at 10:01 AM .


Board members present were Jack Garrity, President; Al Ciasca, Past-President; Terry Creech, Treasurer; Sharon Hill, Secretary and Vocals Debra Jackley and Jack Hall. Absent was Michael Colpitts, Vocal.


Jack welcomed everyone and thanked them for participating in todayís meeting. He thanked Gary and Sandra Bonebright and Tres Amigos for their hospitality and for hosting the meeting.  


Jack acknowledged the passing of long-time resident Dave  Timberlin and expressed his condolences to his widow Beverly and daughter who were present.  Also mentioned was the passing of Paula a long time friend of many of us here on the beach.


A motion to approve the November 4, 2017 minutes was made by Rhonda Burgen and seconded by Roseann Hansen.




Jack reported that as of December, seventeen loads of caliche have been put on the roads and all of the electrical conduit, that was exposed due to the heavy rains, have been covered.


Jack thanked Jack Hall and Tony for all their hard work shoring up some of the roadways that had been caving in.


New signs have been put out on the Caborca Road and at the entrance gate.


The Perry property is almost complete and the construction should start in the fall for the recreation-meeting center.


The guards have been busy painting the guard house and keeping up maintenance on all of the signage in the property.


Jack explained that the condition of the road is not as good as usual because the man who does maintenance on the road, Rene, has been gone due to a family emergency.




Treasurer Terry Creech reported that as of March 31, 2018 PENCA  assets  totaled $190,879.16.  As of March 31, 2018 , $151,140.53 has been collected in HOA service fees and miscellaneous income, with expenditures of  $52,297.01 leaving the net income of $98,843.52.  



Carol Johnson asked about the $40,000 difference between last year and this year.   Terry replied that we had a homeowner that owed $16,000 and paid, one home owner that had 10 lots who had never paid did and other homeowners  went on payment plans that worked out really well for us.


Terry reported that the Utility Project, as of of March 31, 2018 , National Bank had a balance of $151,140.57




Jack Hall said if you need electric to contact he and Marilyn or any of the board members. If you are a paid member of the HOA and pay the infrastructure fee you can apply for electric. Carol Johnson asked what the fee is today and Jack answered that it still $10,000.




Jack Hall explained that we need to dig the pond a little deeper.  He said that when we have a high tide  it fills up the hole but brings in a lot of silt.  We are working on correcting that problem. The last road grade wasnít done very well because of Reneís emergency and he wasnít here to oversee it, but, hopefully when he gets back it will be corrected.




Jack stated that we have two new guards, Juan and Jesse, a.k.a. Jesus.  They both speak good English.  During the Easter holiday there were a couple of incidents where we had to call in the Puerto Penasco police and they did a great job of finding the perpetrators, fining   

them  and calming  things down.  A big thank you to Tony for handling the situation very well and getting the job done.


Carol Johnson asked about Playa La Jolla and whether or not theyíre going to allow renters to bring in ATVs. Since they have to go through our gate are we responsible or are they for renters entering in the area with ATVs?   Jack answered that we cannot control what happens in their subdivision, but we will look into how to handle the situation in the future.





Jack stated that the board is considering moving the beach access trash cans because nonmembers are using the cans to deposit their trash.  He AGAIN stressed that everyone needs to comply with putting a LID  on their trashcan! It has been repeated over and over again at every meeting.  When people put out trash bags on the ground or on top of the meter pedestal, on a day that itís not picked up or later on Monday, after the trash has  been picked up it is usually scattered by birds and animals. It is not fair for our guards to have to pick up all this trash scattered all over the road etc.


Please be respectful of your neighbors and the guards when putting out your trash. Think about how the trash you put in bags on the ground or on a pedestal and not in a container with the lid effects your community. 



Architectural committee 


Marvin Sexson reported that there are two houses under construction.  One is that Manzana 41, Lot 3 and the owner is Javier Jelasco and the other is Rhonda Burgenís house at MZ 18 , Lot 1. 





Jack Hall reported that the Perry property is still in the hands of the notary.  The federal taxes are to be paid and the property will belong to PENCA.


Sharon Hill said that stickers will be available after the meeting.  There are two stickers, and for your vehicle and other stickers for the ATVs or off-road vehicles that you own. 


Jack said that Estero Morua is about the same as it was before. Some people get in,  some donít. They are still standing firm on having us park outside and walk in. Some people are allowed to get in with vehicles and park alongside the road.  It seems to depend on the day and their guards.





Rhonda Burgen suggested that we talk with Playa La Jolla about having them designate  an area to contain ATVís  and other recreational vehicles not allowed in their property, so that puts the responsibility on them and not us.  Jack responded that it was a great idea and he would look into it.


We have had a complaint from Paradise Villas  that some of our residents have been driving on their area of the beach and Jack said that we will look into it. He reiterated that we must be respectful of our neighbors.


There is a drone issue that some have complained about.  Since it is a new issue and we donít have any rules about drones he recommends that if you are bothered by a drone to go to Tony  or the guards and complain and they will go down and talk with the persons responsible.


Jack also reminded everyone that now that we have electricity some people are leaving their porch lights or exterior lights on all night and bothering their neighbors. According to CC&Rís porch lights must be turned OFF at night. Again, please be respectful of your neighbors.






The meeting was adjourned in a motion by Carol Johnson and seconded by Rhonda Burgen at 10:44 am