DISCLAIMER:  The official minutes of all PENCA meetings are in Spanish.  The minutes written in Spanish are at the Notario and once they are processed there will go to the City of Puerto Penasco Public Registry.  We have been cleared to post the English minutes.









89 Mantarrayas MZ 37, Lote 6


Playa Encanto, Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico



President, John Francis Garrity Jr. called the meeting to order at 10:20 AM. Debra Lou Jackley, Attendance List, reported a Quorum, of 50% and undivided interest required, was not present.


The meeting was immediately adjourned for 15 minutes. A second call established at 10:35 AM was opened by president, John Francis Garrity, Jr.  Debra Lou Jackley reported that the attendance sheets had been signed with members present to address the following.


Board members present and appointed were: President, John Francis Garrity Jr.; President-elect, John William Hall; Treasurer, Terry David Creech; Secretary, Sharon Anne Hill; Vocals, Debra Lou Jackley, Philip Lee Canale and James Edward Pederson; Architectural Committee, Marvin Gaylord Sexson and Dannial Richard Freeman.


John Francis Garrity Jr. introduced members running for office.  Running unopposed for Treasurer is Brian Edward Suddarth.  Members running for the vocal position are Debra Lou Jackley and Roseann Ileen Hanson.  Ballots have been distributed to members in good standing along with proxies.


Carol Marie Johnson and Rhonda Joan Burgen were designated and appointed as official vote counters. Carol Ann Ciasca made a motion to approve and accept  Appointments of Officers, Board Members and Vote Counters; with a second motion from Brent Erekson, and approval of the membership; the officers, board members and vote counters were accepted and the meeting was legally convened.


Sharon Anne Hill asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the May 4, 2019 meeting.  A motion was made by Nicholas Appleton and seconded by Wendell Ray Holder.


President, John Francis Garrity Jr. announced that the guards were issued new uniforms, the board is in the process of procuring a used garbage truck and purchasing  two new ATV’s.  He asked member-at-large, Marilyn Ann Hall to give a report on the progress of the partial development plan. Marilyn reported that the plan is in its final stages and that we should have answers soon.  President-elect John William Hall announced that stage one of the Community/activity center has been completed. A retaining wall is finished.


President, John Francis Garrity, Jr. asked Marvin Gaylord Sexson to report the activities of the Architectural Committee. Marvin stated that one house was approved since the last meeting on May 4, 2019.  It is being built on Manzana 30, Lote 3.


Treasurer, Terry David Creech reported balance sheets and profit and loss statements  through the September 30, 2019, for both Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C. and the Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C. (Utility Project) were distributed to the Membership present.  He stated that, as of September 30, 2019, total assets equal $119,932.74 with current liabilities of $11,200.00. Total  income of $237,816.86 with total expenses of $225,747.86 leaving  a profit of $12,069.50. As of September 30, 2019, in the Utility Account, total assets were $168,856.94.


The 2020 budget includes an increase of dues of $200 per year per residence. This would mean that the fee of $800 will increase to $1000 per year. This does not raise dues on vacant lots.  A vote was taken to approve this increase and was passed by a majority of members present. A motion to accept the financials and approve the 2020 budget as presented by treasurer, Terry David Creech, was made by Brent Erekson and seconded by Greg Heden.


President, John Francis Garrity, Jr. called on Marilyn Ann Hall to report on an meeting that she and John William Hall attended with the developers of Encántame regarding the use of the road that runs from the Caborca Highway to Playa Encanto. Marilyn reported that Miguel of Encantame, who owns the property the current road is on, has offered Playa Encanto half interest in a new paved road that will run from the Caborca highway to the “Y” in the road. The road that is currently being used will be closed once the new road is finished.  


Based on the number of electric meters in the  Playa Encanto development, the proposed amount each homeowner would pay would be $3000x300 homes to cover the $900,000 requested by Encántame to be half owners of the road.  An additional $250,000 would be needed to pave from the “Y” to the Playa Encanto guard gate.


Wendell Holder made a motion, that the members present, vote to accept the proposal from the Encántame developers to become 50-50 partners to build a paved road and that how to apportion funds, etc. will be determined at a special meeting of the membership on January 4, 2020. The motion was seconded by Rhonda Joan Burgen.

A vote by show of hands was passed unanimously.  The meeting on January 4, 2020 was announced to members present and a notice will be sent out to all members.


Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C. Attorney, Lic. Rogelio Freaner C. Abogado/Attorney at Law, is the appointed Delegate for reading of the minutes of Playa Encanto Neighborhood Civil Association, A.C.


Carol Marie Johnson presented the results of the election of officers.  Brian Edward Suddarth was voted in as Treasurer and Roseann Ileen Hanson, Vocal.


A special meeting will be held on January 4, 2020 to discuss the paved road proposal.


The Next Ordinary meeting will be held on May 2, 2020.



A motion to adjourn was made by President, John Francis Garrity, Jr. and seconded by Carol Marie Johnson.



The meeting adjourned at 12:01 pm.


Sharon Anne Hill, Secretary