The following is a list of people that are past due on paying their service fees. If your name appears on the list your garbage will not be picked up until you are current on your dues.

Remember, you have to be a member in good standing in order to vote or be heard at the meetings.

Ankeny, Steve (Encanto Villa Prtnrshp)
Bascelli, Benito & Marie
Brewer, Stephan  (Casseli)
Carrier, Don
Carrier, Gene
Deziel, Sheila
Edwards, Pam (McClure)
Gamboa, Martin
Gamboa, Pepe (per Martin)
Gill, Paul
Grayson ,  Sara Sandy
Haines, Thomas
Hennessy, Bruce and Heidi
Kearns, Terry & Shirley
Keller, Frank & Lynn
Lambert, Rick
Larsen, Thomas & Margaret
Lee, Heidi
Malloy, Pete & Greenly, Carol
Malmgren,  Judith J.
Maurer, Jeff & Kari
Maurx, John & Eli
Montanile, Frank & Clara
Perry Tonya
Phillips,Scott &Jamie
Red Mountain Mechanical, LLC ( Dave Gibbs )
Ruiz, Wayne & Victor Ruiz
Sand Dollar condos
Sheraden, Marilyn
Steadman Jodi
Sumner,Mike & Diana
Sutton, Ryan & Jennifer
Sweeney, Marla
Tafoya, Ralph and Linda
Teague, Phyllis
Terrones, Lucy
Trimmer, Rick & Lila
Waddell, Tom
Wakefield-Saenz, Sheri
Waldbilling, Tom & Cathy
Walters, Rodger
Warner, Mark