Service Fee Structure Review


Service Fees are assessed on a per unit basis; counting homes, rental units, condos, individually owned saleable units as single billable units.  Lots are assessed on a per lot basis.

At the November 4, 2006 Homeowners Meeting, PENCA Members voted to begin using a Unit Fee Structure in which Service Fees would be assessed for Services rendered on a per unit basis.  A “Unit” is a home, condo or rental unit.  Each unit would be charged accordingly.  Each lot would be assessed on a per lot basis.

When the Service Fee Structure was initiated in 2007, those properties defined as Rentals under the 2003 Rental Impact Fee, were re-defined as units and charged accordingly on a per unit basis.  Those properties, (guest quarters) in question, that have not been charged and are not charged as units; have been used for personal use only and not used to generate income.